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July 1, 2023 - 4PM CET

Genoa In-Port race starts in

Ulysse Nardin
11th Hour Racing Team


What is #OceanHour?

Whether it’s the way you connect with the ocean, an action you take for the ocean, or time you set aside for ocean health education – #oceanhour can mean something different to everyone.

Share what it means to you in photos and words. We’ll post our favorites on social media to spread the word and share the love.

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Alessandra Ghezzi –  Time to fall in love 🥰 again with #fallcooking 🍁My #oceanhour with @11thhourteam tonight is roasting veggies from my local farm! #eatlocal #slowfood

Mark Towill – My favorite way to connect with the ocean is through sport. Nothing like getting out on the water with my Kiteboard!

Amory Ross – Whether it’s 20 nights or 1, it’s always a privilege to sail home after some quality time with the ocean. #oceanhour