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11th Hour Racing Team

Sponsors & Partners


Based in Newport, Rhode Island, 11th Hour Racing establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities to promote collaborative, systemic change benefitting the health of our ocean. Since 2010, 11th Hour Racing has been harnessing the power of sport through three primary areas of engagement: Sponsorships, Grantees, and Ambassadors.

11th Hour Racing believes fostering environmentally sustainable practices on and off the water is critical to the restoration of our ocean and its vital resources. As one steers a boat with a gentle, steady hand, 11th Hour Racing strives to advance winning environment and performance practices one degree at a time.



When we need protection from the elements, we turn to Musto – sailing’s leading premium technical clothing brand. The team will be outfitted head to toe with Musto high performance clothing both on and off the water. As part of the partnership, the team will work together with Musto to develop the next generation of HPX racing gear along with a line of fully-sustainable products.


Luxury watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin is 11th Hour Racing Team’s Official Timekeeper. Since its founding in 1846, the brand has historic ties to the maritime world having designed and manufactured some of the world’s most accurate mechanical marine chronometers allowing for precise nautical navigation and exploration.

B & G

B&G® is the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist, providing the Team with the latest race-proven marine electronics, including the newly launched Nemesis screens and BioBase™ technology. Supporting the team’s mission to protect our aquatic environments, BioBase is a one-of-a-kind mapping solution for monitoring water quality characteristics.


Marlow Ropes is the leading manufacturer of high performance running rigging and provides 11th Hour Racing Team with lines from the Grand Prix custom-made series. The team will use the new Blue Ocean Docklines, made 100% from recycled bottles, to make sure the team’s IMOCA 60 is tied securely to the dock.


Water Footprint Implementation supports the assessment and reduction of the Team’s water footprint. They translate scientific data into practice, and help quantify and manage our water risks to help achieve our target of running a water neutral campaign.

Gen 2 Carbon

Gen 2 Carbon are the experts in high-quality carbon recovery systems and have joined the Team as Official Carbon Fiber Recycling Partner. As part of the initiative, up to 10 tons of carbon waste from the sailing community in Brittany, France, will be diverted from landfill and sent to be processed into recycled carbon fiber (rCF).


Sunsail is Official Supplier to 11th Hour Racing Team. Both co-founders of the team, Mark Towill and Charlie Enright, have been ambassadors of the brand for several years. Sunsail is one of the top vacation yacht charter companies with locations around the globe and has also set up sailing schools around the world to share their knowledge and passion.


Karün, the official eyewear supplier for 11th Hour Racing Team, creates sunglasses from recycled ocean plastics. Based in Patagonia, Chile, Karün’s products enable the brand to share a new perspective of the world and fund long-term projects that help protect vast territories of pure nature and empower local entrepreneurs.


Circadian Positioning Systems is an Official Partner[1] of 11th Hour Racing Team. This company offers a software solution using data backed solutions to manipulate the circadian rhythm to match external environmental demands.

CPS will seek to contribute to improve the team’s performance, alertness, physical health, mood, emotional health and perform at their peak as we race around the world, across different time zones and operating on little or no sleep.


Bluewater is a Swedish company dedicated to bringing fresh, healthy water to people who believe that the best water is purified water that comes from the local community – not bottled in plastic and transported from faraway places. In line with our team’s sustainability goals, we welcome Bluewater as part of the 11th Hour Racing Team family.


Exposure OLAS, producer of top-of-the-line maritime lighting products, is the Team’s trusted supplier to provide light and safety in all aspects of the campaign, from yacht maintenance, to coach boat safety and, of course, during offshore racing. With rechargeable batteries, Exposure OLAS products will help the Team reduce our waste footprint.


Ecoworks Marine helps 11th Hour Racing Team keep the boat clean and the ocean protected with marine safe and environmentally-friendly maintenance and cleaning products. Marpol compliant, their products are sustainably sourced, replacing hazardous and undesirable ingredients with renewable or naturally derived alternatives.

Guzzle H2O

The Guzzle H2O STREAM water filtration system provides the Team with clean, fresh-tasting water when access to potable water is limited. We use the system dockside to refill our water canisters for offshore sailing sessions and personal water bottles, helping to reduce our plastic footprint.

Official Partners


Oakcliff Sailing is an adult and youth training center located in Oyster Bay, New York. They offer trainees a proving ground to develop their skill set and professional network in the three big areas of competitive sailing: the America’s Cup, the Olympics, and The Ocean Race. The partnership was formed to create new pathways for young, hard-working Americans to follow their dreams of establishing careers in the sailing industry.


The USMMA Sailing Foundation’s primary goal is to provide maritime training and education opportunities by working with Warrior Sailing, the US Marine Merchant Academy, and the New York Harbor School, among other organizations. 11th Hour Racing team will engage with participants of these training programs throughout The Ocean Race 2022-23.


Sail Newport, Inc., founded in 1983, is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization and home to New England’s largest public sailing center which is considered Rhode Island’s premier public sailing site. Sail Newport’s mission is to promote and operate affordable public sailing instruction, rental programs and to create opportunities to attract new sailors to the sport. Sail Newport hosts the Team when we are at our home base in Newport, Rhode Island.


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