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July 1, 2023 - 4PM CET

Genoa In-Port race starts in

Ulysse Nardin
11th Hour Racing Team

For Our Ocean

The Mission

We race with purpose, with a passion for ocean health
and a determination to win both on and off the water.

Leaving a positive impact in our wake

Our mission is to build a high-performance ocean racing team, with sustainability at the core of all team operations, inspiring positive action among sailing and coastal communities, and global sports fans to create long-lasting change for ocean health.

We will accelerate change through sporting excellence in sailing, ocean advocacy, and sustainable innovation.


  • Being advocates for the ocean
  • Going climate positive
  • Driving towards zero waste
Positive Impact 1 Coral
11th Hour Racing Team Positive Impact
  • Refusing single-use plastics
  • Being water neutral
  • Creating positive social impact

11th hour racing team grantees

We have joined forces with organizations around the world who are committed to advancing innovative projects that improve the health of our oceans.

Our Grantees

sustainability resources: the toolbox

Are you looking to implement a sustainability program within your organization, but don’t know where to begin? We have the resources you need to get started.


Isaac Murray

Toolbox Community Manager

What’s your #OceanHour?
Meet Our Crew


The foundation to our Team, the Sustainability Policy establishes our vision, mission, and guiding principles, with commitment from leadership.