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11th Hour Racing Team

Sustainability Resources

Tools for Your Organization

Dig into the 11th Hour Racing Team Toolbox and other valuable resources to guide you on your sustainability journey.



The Toolbox is a suite of guides, case studies, trackers, and templates created by our Team for the purpose of establishing a sustainability program within any organization, no matter the size or industry sector.

1. How to Start Your Sustainability Program

Your organization has decided to prioritize sustainability. But what’s next? Learn how to get started on building your program.


2. How to Create a Sustainability Policy

The foundation of any good sustainability plan is to create the policy by establishing your mission, vision, and core values.


3. How to Engage Stakeholders

Getting buy-in on your sustainability program from internal and external stakeholders is the key to your program’s success.


4. How to Identify Issues

We break down how to identify material issues by looking at your organization’s opportunities and risks for implementing sustainable practices.


5. How to Set Targets

Creating targets provides your organization with clear, measurable action for implementing your sustainability program.


6. How to Implement

Your targets for your plan are set! Now it’s time to allocate resources and coordinate your plan amongst your team.


7. How to Assess Progress

Measure your plans progress, compare your results, then reassess your plan for continued organizational improvement.


8. How to Report and Communicate

Celebrate your success and share your learnings with your sustainability report.


Stay up to date on the latest work from our Sustainability Team.


Check out how our Team is working towards a net positive future in our annual sustainability reports.
11th Hour Racing Team 2020 Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainability Report
The full report from 2020

11th Hour Racing TEam 2020 Sustainability Report

2020 Executive Summary
2020 report in brief

11th Hour Racing Team 2019 Sustainability Report

2019 Sustainability Report
Get the full 2019 report

11th Hour Racing Team 2019 Sustainability Report Summary

2019 Executive Summary
Highlights from the 2019 annual report

More resources

Explore these resources to help make your organization, team, or event ocean-friendly.

The Ocean Race
‘Reusables’ Hygiene at Events

World Sailing
Guide to Sustainable Sailing Clubs

World Sailing
Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool

International Olympic Committee
Sustainability Essentials

United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals

The Ocean Race
Single Use Plastics Events Guide

Seagrass Grow
Offset Your Carbon Footprint

11th Hour Racing Team
Sustainability Policy

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