Water Footprint Implementation (WFI)

  The Netherlands

Water Footprint Implementation (WFI), WFI provides insights and solutions to organizations and government agencies who want to assess and reduce their water footprint. Water scarcity is a pressing issue affecting millions of people across the globe. As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for freshwater resources has significantly increased. However, due to climate change, poor water management, and pollution, many regions are experiencing water scarcity, where the demand for water exceeds the available supply. 

The ambition of WFI is to develop a framework to measure the impact of water consumption, and this in itself as a sentence might be a bit overwhelming, but bear with us because not only is this the work of the future, it’s scalable in a way that could provide infinite results.

The project: Our support of WFI is focused on their innovative development of the WFI Compensation Framework, allowing organizations to measure their water consumption and compensate for residual impact by matching them with local project owners working on water solutions. Using 11th Hour Racing Team as a pilot project we were able to bring WFI together with our South African Legacy Grantee EMG, to allow them to become a project owner, and for our water footprint to be offset through investment in their work. 

Our activation: The WFI Compensation Framework was launched at the start of The Ocean Race in Alicante. During the Cape Town stopover WFI attended the mass clean up organized by our Grantee EMG at Kuilis River, and contributed to community workshops and training. The pilot project was highlighted at the global launch of the framework at a UN Water conference side event in New York and at the local launch in The Hague during the stopover.