A message in support of the new IMOCA Class rules

On 26 April 2021, IMOCA announced their new class rules for 2021-25.
Described as ‘a technical evolution rather than a revolution’, the rules champion sustainability, safety, performance and accessibility – values shared by everyone here at 11th Hour Racing Team.

Aside from the sporting elements, for us, the real highlight is the new emphasis on sustainability, encouraging engineers and athletes alike to take bigger steps in reducing their carbon footprint.

Here are some of the new sustainable measures, fully supported by us:

  • The new measurement rules favor the use of bio-sourced materials for the elements of the boat that are non-structural and are able to be dismantled (for example, the chart table, seats, bunks).
  • By 2023, every competitor shall have aboard one ‘green sail’ – made from alternative materials and/or be fully recyclable – among the eight permitted on IMOCA Globe Series Championship races.
  • It’s out with the diesel engine for those that want something cleaner: teams can put forward an alternative solution for motorization, with a view to obtaining exemption from the measurement.
  • It is now compulsory for teams to carry out a life cycle assessment for the construction of a new boat, or on certain standard parts of an existing boat (i.e. hull, deck, boom, rudders, keel bulb).
  • The Class has drawn up an ‘IMOCA Teams’ Charter’ which focuses on seven themes and the requirement to put in place the necessary means to reduce the team’s impact on our planet.

Commenting on the new class rules, Team Sustainability Officer Amy Munro said: “IMOCA has always been at the forefront of innovation in sailing, with sustainability being an integral part of the organization’s ethos. The IMOCA Class’ new ambitious targets outline opportunities for the world’s best designers and teams to use their capacity for creative thinking to reimagine a net zero future for the sailing world. At 11th Hour Racing team we are proud to be part of this progressive Class and making this paradigm shift a reality.”

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