A splash towards the open ocean

Yesterday was another huge day for the team: Our new IMOCA 60 “11.2” rolled out of MerConcept to do some final tests and adjustments before her first sail, scheduled this week. 

It’s hard to find the right words to do our feelings justice when our new boat hit the water yesterday morning. Maybe we’re biased, but with her next-generation foils and colorful artwork, we find it nearly impossible to take the eyes off this beauty.

What started out as an ambitious dream has become reality, thanks to many months of hard work and the great commitment of our amazing team, partners and sponsors. We are beyond proud of what our crew has achieved!

Yesterday’s splash was another big step on “11.2”’s journey towards the deep blue sea and our ultimate goal of winning The Ocean Race 2022-23.

We also stepped the mast, fixed the boom, and successfully completed the IMOCA Globe Series Pull down test.

In compliance with their latest rules and regulations (read more here), we did a 180° test, verifying the boat’s righting moment. Flipped over completely, an IMOCA 60 must be capable of righting herself when the canting keel is shifted in order to ensure a maximum of stability and safety. After all, these boats are set to explore some very rough waters and withstand the elements, no matter how tough the conditions.

Now that this test has been passed, it’s almost time to go on a first sail on the shores of Brittany. Watch this space and our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for more updates coming in soon!