Showing Love for the Ocean – 30 x 30 Petition

Today is February 14, or, as widely recognized by much of the world, Valentine’s Day. Cupid, candy hearts, boxes of chocolates, glittery cards that sing to you and a big ol’ bouquet of roses. It all exists to shower your Love with attention and admiration, and this year, we at 11th Hour Racing Team ask the Ocean to be ours.

We were all brought here through a deep love for the sea. We probably use the word “love” in this context too often, but the fact stands: it is a true love, and we are working overtime to show it in everything we do! Though our ability to interact with the ocean in 2021 has been limited, we have all taken that passion home to our respective corners of the world where we continue to live it day in and day out.

And as our world continues to navigate the complexities of Covid-19, a lot of us have been fortunate to spend more time at home, doing a lot of things that sailing across oceans and remote training sessions can sometimes keep us from. I know we’ve all been enjoying time in the outdoors – kiting, surfing, swimming, fishing – sharing our water hobbies and enthusiasm for the sea with our own communities of friends and family. And in some ways, our roles as ocean stewards and ambassadors for change are benefitting from this time apart.

When we’re all together, being “sustainable,” and making the “right choices” is very easy. The team ethos dominates the decision making process and we’re surrounded by likeminded individuals every day. But bringing that same mentality and commitment to the cause back to our own lives can be hard. As individuals, away from the tight bubble of team peers, we are not held to the same degree of accountability. But learning to be sustainable at home, conscious of our role to play in ocean conservation and ocean education, has been immensely valuable. We are not perfect, but we can always strive to be better.

The same can probably said for consistently showing our love! It’s hard to buy flowers every day of the year… But today is a day for the lovers. The ocean needs and deserves ours, and one easy way to show it is by signing the World Surf Leagues ‘We Are One Ocean’ 30 x 30 petition, pushing to protect 30% of the world’s ocean by the year 2030. We have been working closely with the WSL on this very important initiative and what better way to say “I love you, Ocean” on Valentine’s Day, than by adding your name to the list of people that care just as much you.

Lots of love!