The Magne Olsson Prize is awarded annually to an individual who has made an impactful contribution to the sport of sailing. This year it went to our very own navigator Simon ‘Si Fi’ Fisher, and as Charlie Enright will tell you, he can’t think of a more worthy recipient.

“Isn’t it great when good things happen to good people?…

I’ve sailed around the world three times now, two of them with Simon Fisher in the role of navigator. The first time you ask someone to sail around the world with you, there’s a bit of uncertainty. You ask them the second time because you know, unequivocally, that there’s no better person on the planet. 

“I consider myself lucky to have logged so many miles with someone who’s cemented themself as one of the all-time greats. I’m lucky to call him a teammate, lucky to call him a friend, and lucky to have him as such a steady hand; always keeping a cool head, leading by example, and inspiring everyone around him….even on day 37 in the Southern Ocean. 

“Simon is a natural sailor who works hard at his craft. He can feel what a boat needs and articulate what adjustments need to be made to maximize its performance. He’s labeled a “navigator” and because of this probably doesn’t get enough credit for his innate sailing ability. When he’s on the computer, you miss him on deck…and when he’s on deck, you miss him on the computer!

“He understands the weather, the current, the clouds, the waves, and the topography. He can restart engines by holding the starter in place with his bare hands, he can change out autopilot rams in the middle of the gulfstream, and he can even extinguish solar panel flare ups seconds before the final In-Port race in Italy…It’s hard to find someone more prepared, can improvise, and who is cool under pressure no matter what. 

“The only thing bigger than Si Fi’s brain…is his heart, and I genuinely believe that’s the real reason he’s being honored in this way. It’s amazing to watch him balance his work and his family. He’s a model father, husband, brother, and son. His priorities are straight and he cares about everyone. The entire sailing community should be grateful for his continued contributions. It’s hard to imagine a more worthy and deserving recipient of this year’s Magnus Olson Award.

“And with that, I ask you to raise yet another glass, to honor my good friend and teammate…Simon Fisher.”