Plant a Million Corals Foundation

Florida USA

Plant a Million Corals Foundation (PAMCF) is committed to restoring the Florida Reef Tract, the world’s third-largest coral reef. Using a method called micro-fragmentation the Foundation is able to grow corals 25-40 times faster than on a natural reef, successfully reproducing thousands of fast growing and resilient corals that help to recover lost reefs. 

Reef restoration is only as successful as the tools currently available for coral propagation. The current tank design Plant a Million Corals Foundation uses, along with material costs and manufacturing time are limiting factors to restoration progress. 

Through the grant provided by 11th Hour Racing Team, Plant a Million Corals Foundation is working with Chris Bjerregaard, an accomplished yacht designer and aerospace engineer, to design and test a new coral restoration tank.

The project: The grant supported the development and testing of 20 new coral restoration tanks, designed to better facilitate the growth of coral through increased water flow, and use of lighter, more affordable materials. These innovations have helped to increase coral production and survival rates and reduce the cost of each tank by 50%, meaning the Foundation now hopes to get to 1 million corals in the next 1-2 years.

Our activation: Our team visited PAMCF in Florida, to better understand their work and to create content and media coverage, designed to raise awareness on the issue of the decline of coral reefs and why coral restoration matters.