Coral Restoration Tanks

Plant a Million Corals Foundation

Summerland Key, Florida USA

With 25-40% of corals in our ocean already lost, the worldwide coral population is in incredible danger. 

But there is hope! By pure chance, Plant A Million Corals Foundation Founder Dr. David Vaughan discovered a method to reproduce and grow corals at 25-40 times faster than on a natural reef. Through the process called micro-fragmentation, the organization has successfully reproduced thousands of fast-growing and resilient corals that help to recover lost reefs.


Reef restoration is only as successful as the tools currently available for coral propagation. The current tank design Plant a Million Corals Foundation uses, along with material costs and manufacturing time are limiting factors to restoration progress. 

Through the grant provided by 11th Hour Racing Team, Plant a Million Corals Foundation is working with Chris Bjerregaard, an accomplished yacht designer and aerospace engineer, to design and test a new coral restoration tank.

Read the grantee announcement here.

Photo above: © Plant a Million Corals Foundation

100000+ corals planted


PAMC Founder

20new tanks


  • Mimic the natural ebb and flow of the coral reef ecosystem promoting growth and health of the corals with natural water movement. 
  • Be cost effective, eliminating expenses for high cost tanks by using more affordable materials and reducing production time of tanks.
  • Be constructed with clear material, allowing for technicians better access to the growing corals, while making the programs more accessible to children and those with physical disabilities. 
  • Have a lower weight than previous model to expand the initiative to different locations.