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July 1, 2023 - 4PM CET

Genoa In-Port race starts in

Ulysse Nardin
11th Hour Racing Team

Team Type: Co-Founder

Charlie Enright

“All members of 11th Hour Racing Team are committed to being advocates for the ocean and lead by example in all aspects of our campaign, keeping the health of our oceans at the forefront of our decision-making process while promoting positive, systemic change.” Charlie Enright (USA) is 38 years old and currently lives in Rhode … Continue reading Charlie Enright

Mark Towill

“We know that our team’s everyday actions have a long-lasting effect below the surface, impacting ocean health, and ultimately, our climate. We work to minimize this impact and leverage our offshore sailing campaign as a platform to accelerate change through sporting excellence in sailing, ocean advocacy, and sustainable innovation.”   Mark Towill (Honolulu, HI) is … Continue reading Mark Towill